Alexis is a multifaceted photographer that has a love for preserving the light and beauty around her. She has talent for capturing the essence of luxury, spanning from architecture to brands and fashion campaigns. 

With over 12 years of experience, Alexis has meticulously honed her craft, fusing her passion for travel with a keen eye for the detail and elegance synonymous with luxury spaces and lifestyle. She believes in the power of visual storytelling and strives to ensure that each photograph embodies the experience of the brand. Transcending each image with a sense of authenticity and soul, her work is not just a reflection of the world around us; it is also an invitation—to pause, reflect, and immerse ourselves in all the beauty that surrounds us.

Alexis' journey began in New York City, with a BFA in photography from The School of Visual Arts, working under renowned photographer Ben Watts. She spent her earlier years working at  Milk Studios NY and photographing multiple seasons of NYFW.

Today, she calls Los Angeles her creative haven while embracing opportunities for global exploration, as her lens perpetually seeks to encapsulate the heart of life's timeless beauty.

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